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next in line for de-icing

splat! antifreeze everywhere!

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losing daylight

Colin and I didn't have to leave for the airport until 1pm so that gave us time to sit and have a lunch of leftovers with Owen and Spencer. Earlier I packed up my "Thanksgiving" container and returned it to storage, stopped at Costco to fill up the rental car with gas, and changed the linen in the guest bedroom since Owen will be spending a few nights at Spencer's.

I certainly was glad to have been able to connect with friends and spend time with family on this very quick trip into Detroit. I wasn't so glad to see the rain/snow as we were driving to the airport this afternoon. Conditions didn't get better and we had to be de-iced before taking off - a delay of nearly 25 minutes. The pilot made up most of the time in the air so we weren't too late arriving in Phoenix. It sure was nice to feel 75 degrees as I got into the car! Going to be in the low 80's the next few days - unusual for this time of year - but then we will get back to the normal 70's.

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