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We left Norfolk and headed back to Willingham near Cambridge for Easter. Our intention was to have a quiet week and do some planning for our summer trip. However on the Tuesday morning setting out from the campground we suddenly had a couple of warning lights coming up on the dash. We returned to the campground and called the breakdown recovery. - Some problem with the relay. The car was towed to a nearby garage. . A day and half later one fault found and a new relay fitted we had the car back. However the next morning (Saturday) the car would not start, the battery was flat. Again we called the breakdown recovery who got the car started, but discovered a small pump was continuously running and the warning lights were back. The car was returned to the garage and fortunately they gave us a courtesy car over Easter. On the following Tuesday they discovered that casing around a set of wires had worn where it had rubbed against a metal bracket and therefore was causing the problem. They thought it may have been caused by the wire being moved when they fitted the tow electrics. Never mind. Now a bit lighter in our pocket.

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