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Where the Board walk used to end.

Brigantine Island. Beach is a little busy.

Rebuilding the beach.

Rules of the boardwalk, behind a light pole.

Newly replaced next to closed casinos.

Older boardwalk with the pier.

Yet another Margaritaville.

From inside Jimmy's. Enjoying the air conditioning.

The beach

The pier.

Shot from the Pier.

On the pier.

More Boardwalk.

More Boardwalk.

Taj Mahal.

Trumps Crown Jewel. Closed and abandon.

We drove into Atlantic City without any idea what part to go to. We went to the North end of town. It was a mixture of restored old condo's and new ones. The Boardwalk is still being replaced in this area, either missing or under construction. Farther south it starts to look a little like the hood. A lot of empty land where buildings have been removed. Even farther there is new boardwalk access with lot of vacant land around, you have to park in the street with pay meters. The beach is closed in this area for reconstruction. Continuing down you find large Hotel/Casino buildings which are closed and blocked off.

Near the Pier there are parking lots, which we used and walked the boardwalk for a while. It was very hot and humid so we looked for an indoor restaurant. There are lots of different food vendors, but no shade to sit and eat. We found a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville. This has to be the 5th or 6th one we have been in. This one has the boardwalk exposer from within The Resorts Hotel and Casino. It actually has its own little casino. We sat next to large open windows with AC. Nice place to eat lunch and watch people.

We did not do the entire boardwalk, it is miles long and it was hot and humid. The downtown looks like old Las Vegas with narrow terrible streets and more closed Hotel/Casinos. A lot of the original casinos are now just hotels. Wish we would liked to have seen it when it was active and at its best.

All the streets in the city are terrible. Probably from the storm and bad winters.

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