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I am learning Australian idioms and sayings. A few of the more fun ones are

Rooting. Having sex.

Bikee. Motorcyclist leaning to or on the Dark Side.

Biker. Motorcyclist leaning to or on the good side.

Shout. A round of drinks. "It's Jim's shout," means it's my turn.

Chook. A chicken.

Missions. Land assigned to Aboriginal peoples, akin to American "Indian Reservations."

Chucking a U-ie. Making a U-turn.

And our favorite so far: chucking a spaz. Throwing or having a fit.

While in South West Rocks, I went swimming in salt water for the first time in over 35 years. It was the first time I have swam with Mo in salt water, as snorkeling is technically not the same as swimming.

Swimming in salt water at home in Washington State is idiotic. Cold and dark water everywhere. I had swimming lessons in Puget Sound back in 1960 or 1961 and nearly died of hypothermia.

Australian water is comfortable and clean. New to me.

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