it's off to Central America travel blog

the hotel





load of wood


model of the ruins






























filming a really tv show






























Mahala and Lucy







Copan river



end of the tunnel in museum









Hugh my roommate


after a warm night a quick shower (helped only for a short time), lol then work on travel blog and some breakfast of pancakes and coffee, we head to the Ruins of Copan about a 1km walk, paid our entrance fee and head into the ruins will be the last Mayan ruins for this trip. Was nice to explore the park didn't get a guide so just wondered around on my, had a delay to see some of the park as there was a film crew filming a really show. When leaving the park was a sign said a nature trail so I headed down it was about a 2km walk going to the river and finishing in the parking lot. Next was a journey to the museum looking at some of the original stone carvings and the got a tuk tuk back into town, Met Hugh my roommate in town and we had some lunch and back to the hotel a long steep hill too climb so when I got there got a cold beer and then worked on travel blog. Got my blog almost up to date then a meeting and a walk back down the street for some dinner, and back up the hill a bit rest and bed

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