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Beverly Hills

Beverly Drive

Love the roses at Lucy and Desi's

View from Mulholland Drive

David Alley with Ann and Stan

We spent our last day on the north side of LA driving around to places we had heard of all our lives. We bought a map that listed the addresses of stars in Beverly Hills and tried to coordinate what was shown on the map with what we were able to find. We really weren't as interested in spotting someone famous as looking for interesting landscaping. And it gave us something to do rather than sit in the trailer with no TV without walking our legs off again.

We weren't very systematic in our search. We basically looked at where we were then looked on the map to see if anyone we recognized lived on that street. Most of the time IF we found the address, we saw a tall wall or house, no landscaping. We did find the house that Lucy and Desi raised their kids in. It was smaller than I would expect but for the 50s - 60s it was probably big. The landscaping was lots of roses. (I wish I had enough sun for roses.) We did drive down Rodeo Drive and then up into the hills on Mulholland Drive. Rodeo is flat but most of the rest of it truly is hills with roads that twist and turn wildly. We stopped at a scenic overlook on Mulholland and we graced with a beautiful view of the San Fernando Valley which is probably why many stars build or buy houses here.

About 5:30 or 6 we met David Alley, a friend of ours from college, at a restaurant in Toluca Lake which is practically Burbank. David has lived and worked in this area for many years as a musician, singer, producer, lighting engineer and now photographer. We had a great time catching up and talking about SMU and the band past, present, and future. It was a great visit.

As we were leaving after dinner, we mentioned we didn't understand how Toluca Lake got its name since there was no lake. David assured us there was a lake but the only people who see it own or are guests in the 5 million dollar homes that surround it. He showed us a picture on his phone of the lake and fireworks from the 4th. It was great to see David again.

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