Round the World Trip 2005 travel blog

We finally arrived in Delhi 3 days ago, and it was so so good to see all of our friends again, if not a bit surreal seeing them in this alien place. Delhi seemed really mad, even more than China, the abundance of cows on the city's streets took a bit of getting used to! We left the capital after 2 nights at 5 am to catch the Himalayan Queen train up north to Shimla, the place where the entire British government used to decamp to in the summer to escape the heat of Delhi. It took an age to get up here, on what must be one of the steepest train lines in the world. The views from the train were incredible, though it was ruined a bit by these 2 Indian guys who wouldn't leave us, and especially the girls, alone, wanting to 'capture a snap' with everyone every two minutes. Arriving in the town at 8 pm, we found a hotel and went out for a meal, though everyone's stomachs seem to have shrunk somewhat since leaving home. Danie was particualarly upset after loking forward to eating all day (we hadn't had any food for 24 hours) and found that she could only eat a quarter of her dish! The temperature is so so so so good here! It's just so cool and refreshing. We treated ourselves to a lie in this morning and hoepfully we'll go for an exploration of the town after this.


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