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The hike began in a windswept meadow atop a huge coastal cliff 7 miles south of Gold Beach. Strong winds blow here and although the temp. was in the upper 60's, the wind chill made it seem like 50 degrees. The winds have mowed the Sitka Spruce trees to a about 5 foot high. we walked through a narrow corridor of these and periodically got great views of the crashing Pacific about 560 feet below us. We had grand vistas for miles up and down the coast. Huge rock stacks were visible below in the distance. We then descended via 12 switchbacks a quite steep downhill trail-part of the Coastal Trail-to Hunters Cove and Beach below. The trail is about a mile down. We passed numerous coastal flowers and lots of tall Sitka Spruce to arrive just above the rocky coast. The final descent to the beach is quite spectacular-about 300 feet of very steep gravely sand where the shoes slipped easily from beneath. The trail provides a series of poles linked by a strong rope to serve as a "handrail" to assist and make the descent possible. Once upon the beach at Hunters Cove-a historic area where sea otter hunters once sought refuge from storms. The sandy beach then stretched before us in a wide swath toward a series of huge rocks in many shapes. These sea stacks are quite spectacular and invite one to explore them. We walked about 2 miles to the distant rocks and then walked amongst them in awe and felt the thunder of the surf on the beach. The wind howled and blew the lose sand in clouds that drove against us-we received dermabrasion compliments of mother nature. The wind was a steady 20 to 30 mile an hour. The beauty made the effort totally worthwhile. The area is one of Oregon's most photographed beaches. The Coastal Trail has come about quite recently in the early 2000's as a giant project public and private to provide a continuous trail adjacent to the coast. It required the purchase of many private lands and the effort of countless individuals to achieve. The rugged coastline makes the trail most difficult such as the crossing of numerous wide rivers and rocky obstacles. It is a resource now for all to preserve and treasure. I encourage everyone to visit this area-its inspiration is beyond description! The total hike was about 7.25 miles and a five star rating.

We all celebrated with a very delicious lunch at The Porthole Cafe in Gold Beach. Our seafood dishes of calamari and snapper were fresh and unusually tasty. Barb and Bill celebrated with ice cream cones.

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