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Shervin and Brittany at the Reef Casino

Brittany, Ken, Sheena and Shervin out for dinner in Cairns

Brittany snuggles up to her Dad

Now its Sheena's turn for a snuggle

Shervin and Brittany

At the Cairns Tropical Zoo




It's a wombat!!





Brittany shows her bravery - yes that is a bay crocodile she...

.... and then a snake

Now he's a bit cuter

Finally we get to see a cassowary




The kids (Brittany and Shervin that is) had all sorts of ideas of what they would like to do today - all of which involved some sort of adrenalin spurt - but due to time constraints (it does seem to take a while for them to get going in the mornings!!!) we ended up at the Cairns Zoo. This ended up being a lovely relaxing afternoon meandering around the park some of the highlights being finally seeing a cassawory and Brittany getting to cuddle (and have her photo taken with) a koala, a snake and a baby crocodile.

I have also just found some photos on my other camera of when we went out for dinner so I will put those up on this page too.

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