Rebuilt "Old Town"

Unique - Water is Pumped Up and Out Base - Pidgeons Love...

Not Exactly Asia-Type Conveyances Here!

Holy Cows On Parade

And More Cows - There Everywhere!

Neat Pipe Shop in Bus Station

Got here, whew! Do not like night buses! Very tired and since we are in an "old style"

hostel it is closed betw. 10 and 4, tho the gal at the desk let us in and store our packs and clean up a bit...we returned at 4 to check in and get beds - girls in one room guys in another! Just as well, we can use a bit of space now and then, ha! Walked around the "old town" which is completely rebuilt since most of it took the big hit during WW II. Lots of street entertainment, walking mall type - these are ubiquitous in every city we visit...they have managed to eliminate the traffic in big areas of the cities for pedestrian traffic and strolling/street stuff, very pleasant!

It's a big city tho and we are not staying...up at 6 am, I'm finishing Bros.Karamazov...we leave for Gdansk on 9:50 train..Polish countryside with birches, forests, villages looking like Russia only more prosperous with brick houses, more new ones too, can't really put my finger on it, just a feeling. Beautiful, partly sunny day!

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