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Gen & Lilian boat from Puno


Me & Gen - Los Uros

local village, floating reed islands

reed boat

local school





Next and final destination in Peru for me was Puno - a town on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The lake straddles the Peru/Bolivia border and is also the highest lake in the world! You can certainly feel the altitude - am constantly out of breath and struggling to breath after walking even really short distances!

I came here with Genevieve and Lilian - 2 lovely French Canadian girls i met on the Inca trail who were going the same way as so nice to travel with girls at last, even if just for a few days, as travelled nearly always with guys on this trip so far!

We took a boat from Puno to go and visit the floating reed islands of Los Uros. They are pretty cool to see as are made ENTIRELY from tortura reeds and people actually live on them... there are 2000 inhabitants on a total of 45 islands- a few of which tourists can visit...a very interesting trip but i have no idea how people manage to live like that - no electricity, running water, very basic food and general living standards etc..not to mention a very spongy floor - did not feel safe at all...pretty amazing!

Travels in Peru are now over :o( country Bolivia...!

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