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Ava found Blake Sheldon at the Flea Market.

A short drive to PA.

This was gross. Carp feeding frenzy at the spillway.

Lake Erie water level is high and eroding the shores.

Then to the beach.

It is cold.

At least Grandma is.

And it is a little windy.

Back to the MH and more rain.

We took a day trip to Andover, Ohio and on to the Pennsylvania border. They were predicting rain so the flea market in Andover was a little scarce. We did manage to buy some candy and snacks. Andover is Amish country. Ava had her first experience of seeing the horse and buggies. It took a lot of explaining but she got to understand a different way of life.

We drove to Pymatuning State Park in Pennsylvania. It's over 21,000 acres of a man made reservoir. At one time it was a very large swamp. The fish are so plentiful the ducks can walk over them.

We stopped for a late lunch. While eating the clouds opened up and there was a large downpour. It let up enough for us to get back to the Motorhome and started over again.

Ava put on Papa's rain jacket and played in the rain. She is good at entertaining herself.

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