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CHapel 2


As the Pycrofts had a couple of hours up their sleeves before having to depart for their abode for the night before flying off home we decided to go to Southwell.

So we explored the Minster again and then went for coffee at the The Saracens Head.

We picked up things we didn 't see the first time, everywhere you look there are little faces peering at you.

And the work is just amazing.

I forgot to mention that Tony slipped over on Sunday morning just prior to leaving the Marina (an unsuspecting hole covered by grass). He heard a loud crack and thought at first that he'd broken his ankle. Thankfully he hasn't (he can wiggle his toes!) So he has been hobbling around. It's very bruised, but getting better.

This morning we are waiting for a technician and the Victron Sales Manager to arrive - bringing a new circuit board to try to fix our inverter problem. Wait for the loud splash if it doesn't work!!!!!!

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