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On the road to Selfoss, we stumble upon several more waterfalls. I say this because I have failed miserably in much of my travelers due regard...I never was sure we would make it here, I just felt like something would give and I didn't buy the tickets til last minute. It was all I could do to get some accomodations in some semblance of circular order. Anyway. Pics attached. I hope.

Iceland has spectacular waterfalls. What do you think?

I have to say, most of the Ice Cubes as I have come to call them are pretty nice. There ENglish is good, too. The older guy owner of Vinland is self taught as it wasn't given in school back in the day. I admired his vision for his little plot. He ordered these little pods from Latvia that can double as saunas but can house a mattress and table/chairs, etc. I would like to see them one day, although we are a bit partial to jakes being ensuite. SO soft, we are.

After the falls, one of which was REALLY high, we also start to stumble on glaciers ...one after another after another...and these cool icebergs (ok, that was an accident) are breaking off and starting to head out to sea as the outlet is right down the inlet just a piece. Maybe inlet is a misnomer as the snow melt is stampeding out the inlet at about 8 knots. At any rate (ok, another accident) the ice forms are quite amazing, some are vivid blue, some are dirty and some are breaking up and heading to sea. I could have stayed there and watched a long time, but this is a quick tour, ok? :) And even cooler, if that is possible, the ice forms on the beach! Wow, the shapes that look like animals...or waves...to me, they are the Iceland version of washed up jellyfish, but so much more beautiful...and sparkly...so marvellous...well, have a look.

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