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Yet another creepy, non-tripod having church (Camden)

Rainy view from The Ledges in Camden

Popham Beach boardwalk on peninsula south of Bath

Son of a beach, it's rainy!

Nate: petrified heart of a sea horse, Sam: cool gnarled wood

Church and gazebo in Bath

Neat street (Bath)

So, Wednesday we abandoned our beautiful digs in Bah Haabaa and headed down Route 1 toward the coastal town of Camden. The drive was gorgeous, though it was raining like MAD! We really had to do some laundry, so when we arrived in Camden and it was still pouring, we decided that there was no better way to spend our time than sitting in a nice dry laundromat. So that we did. Did some laundry. Wrote a couple of postcards. Wrote a letter to American Airlines hoping to one day get some money for the crap we had to buy in Guatemala while waiting for a backpack (the saga continues). Very productive.

After this, we made our way through the downfall and rivers running in the street to a restaurant called the Waterfront, recommended by the owner of the laundromat. Due to the conditions, the restaurant not only had water at its front, but at the sides and rear as well. I really wanted to get some Maine lobster, so I ordered the lobster and Sam got some mediocre pasta dish. This ended up being a pretty damn pricey meal, but the lobster was really good, though Sam was thoroughly disgusted by the whole affair. Especially when breaking open the body and scraping away the green liver material. That was her favorite.

After dinner, we asked the waitress what there might be to do in Camden after the incredibly late hour of 8:00. Her response contributed to our realization that all of these towns are "quaint", "adorable" and "such", but they're also quite lame. It's hard to imagine living in a town that has NOTHING to do after 8:00 p.m. I'm not even talking late night dancing, just an open coffee shop for God's sake. We had planned to wander over to Camden Hills State Park to sleep, had even scoped out a campsite, but it was raining incredibly hard, so we stopped at a motel called The Ledges and holed up for the evening to watch some John Stewart and South Park.

In the morning, we went back into Camden for a cup of coffee and to potentially look around the city. However, the torrential downpour continueth, so we decided to get back on the road, with the primary goal of finding a movie theater along the way. We ended up hanging out in Bath for a little while at a restaurant overlooking the bay. They had this soup and bread bar that was $5 and pretty damn tasty! We then decided to drive down the peninsula south of Bath to a state park we saw on the map called Popham Beach State Park. The drive was beautiful (and rainy), but fortunately when we stopped, the rain let up enough for us to stroll along the beach a bit, which was of course all ours since no one in their right mind was wandering around outside.

After our afternoon walk, we headed back into Bath for some coffee and chatted with the owner about 1) where we could find a movie theater and 2) where we could potentially park and sleep for the night. He suggested a parking area at the end of the peninsula we had just visited, so our plans were made: movie, then out to the point, read and crash in the car. After a rather disappointing performance by Kevin Costner in The Upside of Anger (he was SO good in Water World), we headed back out on the 30 minute drive to where we planned to sleep. Once we got close to where this guy thought we could crash, the road turned to dirt and got very narrow and there were a lot of private property signs. Plus it was still raining like crazy. So, we changed our minds. Turned the car around, drove all the way to Portland (about an hour) and grabbed a Travelodge room with one of the coupons from our travel directory. So long budget, good to know you.

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