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We left Arcata at 10:15 AM and drove the scenic and famed Rt. 101 north to Gold Beach,OR. the road follows the rugged coastline and the beauty is legend. As the road twists and climbs the rocky coastline appears at regular intervals amongst the thick stands of redwood forests. Sharp twisty curves with trees 20 feet in diameter line the road and are certainly intimidating to the driver. Only the guard rail separates the road from the rocky cliff that descends to the Pacific. Mighty waves roll and crash below with giant plumes of spray when they hit the big rocks. Artists portray the beauty in countless paintings of the area. The views are mesmerizing and it is hard to focus on the task of driving. My tow car disappears from view as the coach rounds many of the curves-many have 30 MPH speed limits. It was gusty today and the Pacific looked very angry in its beauty. We passed through Crescent City, CA on the way. It is a scenic little beach town and one drives right down main street. We finally arrived at Turtle Rock RV Park three hours later-129 miles. The park is on a little river but a few hundred feet from the Pacific. The site is incredibly unique and beautiful. One can smell and see the ocean in the distance. We sit in a valley surrounded by large stands of pine trees. The sun is shining brightly with but a few clouds in the blue sky. The temperature is presently 65 degrees and it is gusty. We will rest a bit and then head to dinner at about 6PM.

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