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Mount Cook (3754m), as the morning mist clears

The view from the road as we cycled towards it

Mount Cook with the mist gone

Amazingly, after the snow last night, the day dawned clear. I know it did coz I peeked out at 4 am, saw the snow on the ground and clear skies above, snuggled down and went back to sleep for four more hours!

We spent some time this morning exploring the camp ground, pouring over maps and admiring the beauty and magnificence of Mount Cook.

Eventually we decided that we would cycle up the valley road to Mount Cook Village, about 20kms away. It was our intention to cycle up there and camp (in the tent) for the night, but we thought we'd do a reckie first.

Although along the valley floor, it was pretty hard going, the wind was probably the biggest burden. I think it took us about 2 hours. Mind you, we did stop often, the views were amazing – both of Mount Cook and of the lake.

We bought a hot chocolate when we got there and ate our packed lunch on a picnic bench admiring the view. Then we pootled around the village for a short time and headed back.

It was much easier on the way back because the wind was behind us – mind you, the last mile was a killer. We did 29 miles altogether – our biggest cycle to date – and my quads know it!

Met an English couple that have been here for ages, and are here until Dec 23. They were at Wanaka when we were there too, and we've seen them on the road at various stages too. Nice couple, maybe we'll see them again.

Steak for dinner, just getting the wine now!

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