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One word for today's drive - CONSTRUCTION. I76 and I80 were rife with construction. We lost an hour because of the time change and then we lost an additional hour dealing with the orange cones. It took us 11 hours to reach Des Moines.

North of Aurora through Nebraska was flat farmland and pretty boring but Iowa was a pleasant surprise. The rolling terrain and very neat corn and wheat fields were soothing to the eye. We passed Elk Horn which must have a very large Dutch population because there was a Dutch Immigrant Museum, Dutch Windmill, Dutch Winery, etc. Then we passed DeSoto whose claim to fame is John Wayne's Birthplace and the gateway to covered bridges of Madison County.

We are going to get to Chicago tomorrow and will stay put for three days. Last year when we told everyone that we were going to buy an RV and travel around the country some people suggested that we save the money and just stay in hotels . Well after doing that for three days all I can say is "Give me my own bed". The RV life is such a comfortable one. You eat your own food, sleep in your own bed, and it's QUIET. You meet interesting people and gain insight into future travel destinations. In hotels you don't chat much with people in a the lobby and it seems like every restaurant has the same food choices.

There aren't any pictures of the very picturesque Iowa countryside because I was the driver during that stretch . Tom was relaxing after a four hour stint at the wheel.

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