Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

We thought we'd all celebrate the fact we'd made it back on dry land with a huge drunken night of well.....drunkeness!

We met up with a few people from the boat at a pokey little restaurant/bar in the middle of nowhere (the food was cheap). To get the night off to a good start we played more drinking games. The most memorable probably being Captain Hook. Well, could Claire get the hang of it? No way. In the end she just collapsed in a drunken fit of the giggles with tears streaming down her face.

The Captain: Wassa, was due to meet us at the pub, but didn't show. One of the girls knew where he lived though so we all embarked upon him and his house mate. So there we are in Captain Wassa's house all getting rather pissed on some home made White Russian.

Later we made it to the pub, where we met probably the tallest man ever. He was so tall that Nat only just reached the guys arm pit. Bad comparison, cos Nat's not that tall ;) Anyway he was tall... just look at the pictures! He was really chuffed cos we spoke to him whereas most people just stare at him. So to say thanks he bought a round of shots for everyone. Bless.

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