Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog


Acropolis at night from my hostel

a theatre


another building

original enterance to the acropolis

Hedrian's arch

Me above greece

Guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier

A street in Greece

As soon as I was on the plane I was asleep until we approached Athens. I woke up in time to look out the window as we flew over. The water looked amazing!!! Once I got my bag I headed out to the metro station, immediately started sweating. It felt like it was 50 degrees out! Bought a ticket for the metro from a guy who didn't speak english...Not sure which train to get on but followed other people onto one that was there.

After a afew minutes of trying to decipher the map of the metro lines with their crazy geek names I figured my way out and discovered that i had to switch trains. No problem. Got off the metro and looked around nervously. I was definetly not in an english speaking country anymore! Also, Greece doesn't believe in street signs especially ones in english. Took me about 10 minutes of walking in a circle to find my hostel.

Got checked in by an aussie with no shirt on that kept calling me babe. Went up to my room to find 2 girls sleeping so decided to take a nap myself from the lack of sleep the night before. Woke up to find other girls still sleeping so I headed out to check out the town. Walked up by the Acropolis to see where to buy tickets and then headed down a market street. Found a really good and cheap place to eat dinner and have a new favorite food...Gyros!! Soooo good. Pork souvlaki wrapped in a pita with tomatoes, onions, tzaki sauce and french fries (weird I know but good)

Back at the hostel I met the other girls in my room. 2 of the girls were from Red Deer, one from New Zealand and another from San Francisco. We all went up to the rooftop patio/bar for dinner. The hostel puts on cheap dinners for everyone and serves drinks up there. The place has an amazing view of the Acropolis. At night it's all lit up. Took a picture of course.

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