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Four hours into my drive I arrived in Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter I saw a sign that said " Welcome to Easton - Home of Crayola Crayons". Factory tours were stopped in 1996 but in it's place Crayola has set up a demonstration and Crayola Creation Center. The center is only 1 1/2 miles off the highway and it turned out to be a fun visit. Besides being a colorful place with activities geared to small children, it is also informative and interesting for adults. Here are some of the things I learned:

In 1885 , Edwin Binney and his cousin, C. Harold Smith started a paint business in Peekskill N.Y. They produced red oxide pigment for barn paint and carbon black for car tires.( car tires were originally all white) Five years later, Binney & Smith started making pencils for school slates and two years after that they made dustless school chalk.

In 1903, the Crayola brand was born with a box of 8 safe and affordable wax crayons - (sold for 5 cents) The colors were black, brown, blue, red, violet, orange, yellow and green ( the same colors are still in the box of 8) In 1958, Crayola came out with the 64 Box with it's built in sharpener. Twenty years later Crayola made it's first non wax product - markers.

In 1984, Hallmark bought Crayola - Hallmark makes all of the boxes in Kansas but all of the crayons are made in Pennsylvania. In 1996, Mister Rogers molded the 100 billionth Crayola crayon named "blue ribbon". The person who found it in a box of crayons won a monetary prize.

When Crayola asked it's customers what new color they wanted in a box of crayons the overwhelming choice was "mac and cheese". I left with lots of samples- crayons and markers.

I completed my journey to Harrisburg and have settled in the hotel for a two night stay. Lots to see and do here.

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