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One of the resident hermit crabs in the interpretive center's acquariums.

Sea Anemones

Snow Crab - we know these guys; they're yummy!

We watched hundreds of thousands of these black and white birds in...

Lighthouse at Cap-des-Rosiers

View of Cape Gaspe from Cap des Rosiers - would have looked...

The cape has a very rugged headland.

View typical of the many small towns as we drove west on...

We are starting to see more and more color in the trees....

The trees are starting to turn color all along this route.

A beautiful sunset on a stormy night at our seaside overnight parking...

Today's critter sighting.

(Ron Writing) This morning I took the punctured trailer tire to Canadian Tire. They patched it and rebalanced it. Then in the process of reinstalling it, I rotated all the trailer tires since it was time to do that again and I had a nice place to work.

We stopped by a WiFi hotspot in Gaspe to post the blog and get email and then continued our journey on Hwy 132 around the peninsula. A short distance to the north is Forillon National Park at the northeast tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. The park has both a beautiful rugged coast and a mountainous interior that is part of the Appalachians. About 10 years ago Forillon NP was connected to the international Appalachian Trail with a section that runs from Mount Katahdin Maine to Cap-Gaspe on the eastern tip of Forillon.

There are some great hikes that one can take to see the best views of the coast with its many sea birds, seals and whales but today was not the day for that. It was cold, windy, and rainy. We did enjoy our drive through the park and our stop at the Interpretive Center where we saw displays about the geology and history of the area. There were also some nice aquariums with interesting live sea creatures.

Later this afternoon we continued our drive on Hwy 132 along the rugged north coast of the Gaspe Peninsula. This section is very mountainous with steep grades. The highway runs right along the coast most of the time and there was one small village after another. It was a beautiful drive.

By late this afternoon we spotted a nice roadside park in the small town of Pointe-a-la-Fregate. We decided to stay there for the night. Once again we will fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the rocky shore about 20 feet from our door. We are now at the west end of the Gulf of St. Lawrence but this is a huge gulf and there’s about 80 miles of open water between us and its north shore.

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