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Todays scheduled plans did not happen. Our Propane heater shut down some time in the wee hours and we woke up in a v e r y c o l d trailer. After finding 1 tank empty and the other partially full it looked like were about to warm up again after switching the regulator. NOPE, that that did not solve the problem,it seemed our heater needed some help from a specialist.

After scouting out what was available,it was apparent that there was no service in Yuma for this thing. With a frost warning in effect tonight we needed that heater functioning now! I called the shop that installed it, they said to bring it in and they could fix it today. The only thing was that shop was in Quartzite an hour and half away!!

That pretty much consumed today, back at 5:30pm. It almost seems like we are not supposed to go to these Canadian Snowbird meetings?

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