Second Time Around travel blog

On the overnight train

At a beach, of course

We are enjoying the hospitality of friends in Australia. We are being shown around, fed, housed, and advised. We have gone from being tourists to travelers to guests, and we could not be more grateful.

It happens that March 16 is our wedding anniversary. 33 years of all that goes into a relationship. And look where we are. Our second around-the-world trip in three years, in the company of excellent people.

We had dinner last week with Nicole, a young Australian woman whom Mo met in Peru. I asked Nicole what it was like to travel with Mo - like traveling with a favorite aunt or big sister perhaps? Nicole told me that when Mo was the only one in their tour group to join her in sand boarding, she knew she had an adventure buddy.

Of course I can't resist a good term of endearment or nickname for Mo. Adventure buddy is a good one.

I don't think I could ask for a better adventure buddy. If I did ask, I'd probably be told, "What the hell, mate, look what you already got."

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