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Garden from the house

Nixon grave sites

Home where Nixon was born

Bed Nixon was born in

Living area

Cook Heat stove in house

Candy in front of helicopter


Thelma Catherine Rayan, but the world knew her as Pat Nixon, the wife of the 37th President of the United States of American, Richard Nixon. She was known as Pat, a nick name her father gave her as a child because she was born the day before St. Patrick’s Day and her Irish heritage. Why this information, we visited the Richard Nixon Library and Museum today in Yorba Linda California. It was our bad timing that most of the inside displays were closed for renovation and will not open until October 2016. We did get to visit the grounds, the home that Richard Nixon was born in and the Presidential Helicopter that took them away from the White House on his final day in office August 9th, 1974.

The home was built in 1912 by his father on a plot of land they were going to raise citrus on but discovered that the soil was not the correct mix to raise any citrus. After ten years they moved back to Whittier to pursue other interest. Both are buried at the museum in a plot side by side. The museum is not the large building that some of the other libraries are because Nixon did not want that, he wanted a smaller site to feel more homey. A point that was brought up was they were born 10 months apart and died 10 months apart.

We did get some nice snapshots today.

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