it's off to Central America travel blog

leaving Guatemala City









almost to Antigua


a Sunday soccer game






in the park


shoe shine boy





the cemetery















Dunkin Donuts







This morning starts with a trip to MacDonald's for breakfast and some coffee a ride on the metro systems gets me there about 10 blocks from the hotel and it is the closes place lol. The metro system takes one Quetzal coin equal to about .13 cents USD, even n a Sunday morning was a lot of people on it, and there is a bus every few minutes. A walk around the area then back to hotel room and some updates to my blog and a few pictures posted on Facebook finally got it working, lol. Packed my bags and off for the shuttle ride back to Antigua take about a hour and get checked into my room will have a roommate for this part of the trip, walk around town stopping for some lunch and some sightseeing. I join my new trip with a meeting at 6:30 tour leader is Carlos and traveling with 16 people, 3 guys and 13 ladies. After the meeting it is off for our fist dinner a coulple beers and back to thee hotel and bed, We head to Copan tomorrow and to my next new country making my total 79

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