John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog


Palisades Dam, Snake River

Power House

Snake River

Snake River

We Watch The Birds Soar

Stopped At Idaho Falls


Sagebrush Steppe

Great Basin Desert

No Electricity

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Graduating Classes



It is a travel day. We head south from Jackson on Route 26. We follow the Snake River. We get glimpses of the area where the white water rafting takes place.

Near Alpine we cross the state line and are in Idaho. We follow the Palisades Reservoir. It is a nice ride. We pull into a day use area at the Palisades Dam. It is an earthen dam. I cannot fit the entire dam into one picture. It is big.

At one of the Idaho rest areas, we get great views of the river. Many birds are soaring above the river. One of them is an eagle!

We continue to follow the Snake River into Idaho Falls. We stop at a traffic light. There are the Idaho Falls, falls. I take a picture. I guess we should go exploring but we go to Wal-Mart instead.

We take Route 20 out of the city. Boy, the scenery does change. I discover at a turnout that we are on the Sagebrush Steppe. We are also in part of the Great Basin Desert. Who knew?

We try to stop at a museum for the first Nuclear Power Plant. The museum does not open until Memorial Day. Oh, well.

It was only temporary but Arco was the first city to be lit by atomic power. The Arco reactor later suffered a partial meltdown - another World’s First.

After checking into our park, the electricity goes off for half an hour. A crop duster hit a power line. We sit outside and enjoy our wine and corn relish.

I take pictures of the hillside. Every high school class adds their graduating year. A traditional started in 1920.

Tomorrow we will visit Craters of the Moon National Monument. I get another stamp.

Campground: Craters of the Moon KOA

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