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Entrance to Calico Ghost Town

Buildings along the street

The old fire engine

The stage coach

The one room schoolhouse

Inside the school

The town's hotel

A miner's cabin

Do you know what a "ghost town is?" On a recent visit to Calico Ghost Town in the California desert, we strolled past the original buildings that were built when Calico was a booming mining town. The population went from 40 in 1881 to 1200 in 1887 and in 2001 down to 8! The boomtown burned to the ground at one point and there are only 5 of the original buildings left standing. But the towns people quickly rebuilt because the miners needed the services they provided. Can you guess why the town was named "Calico?" (think of why some kittens are called Calico). Do you know what they mined for around the town? It became one of the richest mining districts in the state of California and was started in 1881. The kids attended school in a one room schoolhouse. Does it look like your school? Can you guess what the holes in the desk tops were for? The schoolhouse was also used for church on Sundays. One of the buildings held the barber, the dentist (who was also used for a doctor),and the bath house where you could pay 25 cents for a bath or 10 cents if you used someone else's water!!! Today Calico is one of the few remaining original mining towns left in the Western U.S.

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