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Everything is loaded and we are ready to leave Orlando.

The big momma gator in the window at a tourist trap in...

I found out why we didn't see any wild gator on our...

While we were in Trenton we went out to Manatee Springs SP...

Cypress roots growing up to the air from the swamp.

The banks along the Suwanee River.

More of the Suwanee River.

Buzzards roosting on the river bank of the Suwanee. There were hundreds...

More roots growing to the surface.

Sky full of buzzards circling.

More roots.

Manatee Spring.

Area around Manatee Spring. Water is 70 degrees year round.

Warm water can be seen welling up from the bottom.

Rita takes a ride on a manatee.

These critters are pretty spunky to ride. They can really buck.

Another shot of the spring.

This guy decided to go for a swim. Why not, it is...

We left our friends Kathy and Ron in Orlando and headed north to Trenton, FL and Otter Springs RV Park. While we were there we wanted to try and see a manatee. Manatee Springs SP was just a short drive from the campground so we decided to go for a look the next day. Unfortunately we didn't see any manatee in the spring. Apparently they were still staying in the river. So we took the boardwalk out to the Suwanee River to see if we could spot one. There were none there either. However we did see literally hundreds of buzzards. The plants were quite interesting as well as the spring. I still would have loved to see a manatee. But oh well. We never did see a gator in the wild.

Important Note: For those of you wondering why I haven't written entries in the journal for some time. I need to inform you of an issue that has taken much of our time and cut our journey short. On Dec. 12th we got a phone call from our friends who were sending our mail and watering our house plants telling us that we had pipes broken in our house. It seems that the week before there was a very cold spell in the valley with temperatures as low as 7 degrees. During that cold spell there was a power failure in our neighborhood. When that happened somehow our thermistat went off and didn't recover to the 55 degrees it was set to. Our friends happened to come in to water the house plants and get the mail and noticed that the water was just a trickle in the kitchen sink. Then next day when Ken came back to check he hear what soulded like a fan on upstairs. When he went to investigate he heard the water spraying in the wall behind the hall bathroom upstairs. He immediately called the city to turn off the water. The damage was done because there were at least 3+ pipes broken.

We are now in the midst of a total interior make-over of the house. We are of course back home as we left Lousiana and drove streight home in 5 days. We do hope to return to the areas we were not able to visit again sometime in the future. I will continue to complete the journal as time allows in the next weeks. I have at least 3 more entries before I conclude this journal. Hope that you have been enjoying it.

Love from us, Dale and Rita

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