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Lake Tahoe

Re-Enactment Fayre




Parrot performing Tricks


Emerald Bay



Snow Flowers

Feeding the Geese

Stellar's Jay

Chipmunk eating the Snow Flower


Wal asleep on the beach

Bliss State Park


We arrived in Carson City on Saturday. Sunday we came across a Re-Enactment Fayre of the Middle Ages. There was animal shows,magic shows, singing and loads of other performers.

Monday we drove round quite a large part of Lake Tahoe walking to Emerald Bay where there is the only island in the lake, we also visited Bliss State Park.

Tuesday we headed up into the mountains to visit Virginia City which was an old mining town, alot of the original buildings still standing, but now it is more of a Grockle place with loads of shops selling tourist rubbish. The view from the top was amazing. As we drove there we also went through Gold City & Silver City where there were loads of disused mining equipment and buildings.

The Snow Flowers were growing in the woods near Emerald Bay, they are a fungi and as you can see the Chipmunks like to eat them.

The Canadian Geeses were on the beach at Emerald Bay where Wal started to feed them and before we knew it there were 15-20 round us.

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