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Took a drive to Preston.

This is a brand new Veterans Cemetary.

A very nicely done tribute.

Search for anyone I may have served with.

Found my cousin, who had lived in New Mexico.

He had asked to be placed here.

We have not been updating because we haven't been doing much. As Larry said in the last post...we are visiting family. We got here in the middle of a heat wave. It's a lot like home (Phoenix) by staying inside and just going from air conditioning to air conditioning.

We have decided to cut our summer trip short. It's hot, and for some reason we are just wanting to go home. One factor is: We have sold our cabin and need to get back to fix a couple things and the closing. Home inspections seem to pick at all the little things that anyone can live with.

We did get a chance to go see the new State Veterans Cemetery, where my cousin was placed. A possibility for another veteran one day.

We will post a few more family things. Once we leave here our mission is to get home. In the motorhome it will take us 5 plus days to get there.

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