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This photo was taken about midway between high and low tide. At...




Shoreline outside of the harbor.

Just before we left Halls Harbour the tide is much lower but...




Chapel on the grounds of Grand-Pre.



Note the window above the doors.

Same window from the inside.

In the chapel we listened to a drama and viewed many beautiful...













The following are several photos taken on our walk around the beautiful...







Avon River just outside our door where we are parked for the...

(Ron Writing) The weather was just perfect again today – great for being outdoors exploring this beautiful province.

Our first adventure today was a short drive north to Halls Harbour, a very small fishing village a few miles north of New Minas. We learned about this picturesque little cove from Ona last night. Halls Harbour is on the Minas Channel where water flows between Minas Basin and the main Bay of Fundy. This is near the east end of Fundy and has some of the most extreme tidal fluctuations. When we arrived it was a couple hours after high tide and by the time we left it was still a couple hours before low tide. We enjoyed walking around the harbor and viewing several exhibits at the wharf. We also visited with a lady sitting on a bench at the wharf enjoying the beautiful weather. It turned out she was a resident there and her husband is the harbor master. She had some interesting stories about this little village.

This afternoon we drove from Halls Harbour back to New Minas and then east on Highway 1 to Grand Pre where we toured the Grand-Pre National Historic Site. Grand Pre was one of the largest and most important Acadian settlements prior to their deportation in 1755-1763. It’s a beautiful site which very effectively tells the story of the Acadian history and hardships. This is another of those historic sites which really deserves its AAA gem rating.

We left Grand Pre just before they closed at 6 PM. We drove a short distance southeast on Highway 1 to Windsor where we found a nice level gravel parking lot along the Avon River. We are overlooking the river with a walking path between us and the shoreline. We’re near the mouth of the river where it empties into Minas Basin. It was low tide this evening so the “river” looks more like a huge mud flat with a very small river flowing through it. At high tide it will look like a very wide river!

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