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There is no other word to describe how we are feeling tonight!!

The "Real Crew" turned up and started cutting down the tree at about 10 am this morning. Apparently the crew on Saturday morning were only the emergency crew and did just the required amount. Which allowed narrow boats to get through, they really didn't understand that it was very shallow and wide beams were unable to get through. They are all Polish guys and some of them don't speak much English.

So by the time there was enough space for us to get through it was lunch time. Then we stopped at the lock to fill with water, and by the time we got through the lock it was around 1.30pm

There is so much rubbish in this part of the canal that the Coots are using plastics to make their nests!!! It is terrible. They even throw it over their back fence into the canal.

The temperature has been in the low 30's today so the heat has made it tiring. By the time we got through the 8 locks in the Hanwell flight and moored up it was nearly 6pm. So we had a drink, a shower and went up the road to the nearest pub for dinner.

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