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Enjoy today's photos taken at the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, NS.






Area where dikes were built to reclaim salt marsh land for cultivation.



Reproduction of a 1700's Acadian house based on excavations of original dwellings...

Note the opening in the fireplace for the oven.

Interesting way to build an oven.


Wooden hinges.





Tiger Lilies


More Tiger Lilies




(Ron Writing) A couple days ago the rod about which our fold-out steps pivot, broke on one end and this made it very difficult to fold and unfold the steps. They were also a little dangerous to use. This morning we had an 8 AM appointment to have the steps repaired at Fleetline Parts and Service LTD just up the street from Wal*Mart. We stopped there yesterday afternoon and Geoff Locke, the General Manager, was kind enough to accommodate us into their busy schedule first thing this morning. His mechanic welded a new section onto the hinge pin and the steps work like new again. Fleetline has a large three-bay shop that can accommodate any size truck or RV. I highly recommend them if you are in this area and need some work done on your rig. My final bill was just half of the estimate Mr. Locke gave me yesterday – now how often have you ever had that happen!

The annual Wharf Rats Rally is a five-day motorcycle rally that starts tomorrow in Digby. We decided it would be a good time to “get outta town” before the tens of thousands of bikers arrived. Not that we don’t like bikers but Digby is a small city with narrow streets and we have enough "fun" getting around there when there isn’t much traffic. We made a stop at the same seafood market where we had dinner yesterday and purchased a pound of scallops and a pound of cherry clams before leaving.

We drove northeast a short distance to Annapolis Royal and stopped there to tour the Historic Gardens. Annapolis Royal was founded in the 1600’s and was once the capital of Nova Scotia. The 17-acre garden is both a beautiful place and a place to learn about how gardening practices changed throughout the history of the area. During the 1700’s the Acadians reclaimed large tracts of saltmarsh in this area and found it to be very fertile farm land. After doing all this work the Acadians were driven out of Nova Scotia during conflicts between the French and British. The Acadians tried to remain neutral but were trusted by neither side.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving northeast on scenic Hwy 1, The Evangeline Trail, which runs through beautiful farmland in the Annapolis Valley. All along this route we saw orchards of apples, pears, plums, and peaches. There were also fields where all sorts of vegetables were grown. We passed many vegetable and fruit stands along the highway. We stopped at three of them and bought sweet corn, plums, broccoli, apples, zucchini, peppers, and yellow tomatoes.

By late afternoon we arrived in New Minas where we are parked at Wal*Mart for the night.

Right after we finished dinner a nice lady stopped by to ask us some questions about parking at Wal*Mart overnight. We had a nice conversation with Ona and she gave us some tips about things to see and do in this area of Nova Scotia. It’s always fun to meet and visit with the local people wherever we go.

Weather today was just perfect.

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