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Hawksworth Church

Claytons Chocolate Ripple Cake

Celtic Pillar

Hawksworth Hall

Hawksworth Hall 2

Chris & Tony

Pam & Mo

Gum Tree

BBQ area


It's Harvest Festival time, and we were invited By our friend Chris to partake in his local Church's celebration last night. Parishioners take a plate of food to eat and wine is for sale in the deconsecrated section of the Church, which serves as both hall for activities and an area for services. Tony was convinced there was going to be a murder in the nearby woods and we'd all be there for the night while being questioned by the "rozzers"

Tony thought an Australian plate of food would be good to take and suggested a Chocolate Ripple Cake. Yes, says I, so off we go to the supermarket for ingredients. Nothing like a chocolate ripple exists in this country, so after pondering for a while, I decided to try and make some cookies. We bought a packet of chocolate cookie mix and did the job, but they were so flat and thin and only made 13 (all different sizes!!!). However, I went ahead and put it all together, and it didn't turn out too badly. It tasted alright and we had lots of positive comments.

This Celtic Pillar has pride of place just inside the church - It was apparently used as a lintel over one of the doors and so was protected from being weathered away. It was part of a cross which was probably used on the plot of land where the church now exists as a place of worship in saxon times.

THIS is where we spent the night - Chris's house built to his design in 1991. Getting lost in it is very easy. A magnificent house full of all sorts of trinkets and goodies. Chris owns a business (passed on from his father and grandfather) making equine "things". There are only 55 households in the village.

We had a wander around the gardens, it was a bit grey and dull this morning and in summer the gardens would look beautiful.

This is Chris's partner Pam and his dog Mo, who've had a place on this blog previously, when they came to have lunch with us.

Chris even has (very proudly) a Eucalyptus tree in his garden, amongst plants from his travels around the world.

This is the bbq area next to the large fish pond.

And I couldn't leave Frank out (he's Pam's dog)

We had a great night out with very friendly people and lots of laughs.

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