it's off to Central America travel blog

garden at hotel in Santa Ana



at the bus stop Santa Ana

a local bus lifted up in the front for a bigger engine


money exchange at the border








need some clothes?

Guatemala City




breakfast on the street


the metro line


Today it is off to the bus stop for the Tica bus back across the border to Guatemala City had to leave the hotel at 6:15AM to get there a wait of wait of 30 minutes for the bus (a quick stop on the side of road) then on to the border, took about a hour there getting out of El Salvador and into Guatemala, then a two hour bus ride to the station in Guatemala City, a short ride to the hotel get checked in the a walk to Subway for some lunch, some time to kick back with a nice massage lol, then out for dinner and a couple beers, back to my room some work on the computer and off to bed.

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