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Snake River Float Trip


Expensive Homes





Texas Moose

Safely Back

Working Hard

Antler Arch

Jackson Hole, WY


Chili Cook-Off

It is a beautiful morning with no rain! We meet the float trip guides at the KOA office. We ride to the launch point in the guide van. These young men are living their dream here in Jackson, WY.

The float trip is enjoyable. I dress warmly and am comfortable. I would not want to be on the white water rafting trip in the afternoon! It is early spring here.

We see eagles, pelicans and an assortment of other birds. We see where beaver are cutting down the trees. We see the homes of people who are much richer than I am! The Teton Range is in the background. If you come to Jackson, you have to spend some time on the Snake River.

After the trip, we head into town for lunch. It is Sunday and there is a chili cook-off. If we had only known!

We get pictures of the antler arches in the town square. Elk shed their antlers every year so there are antlers everywhere in Jackson!

Tomorrow, we head into Idaho. We are on the road for five weeks and are getting closer to Oregon.

Campground: Snake River KOA

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