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View from Dome Road

Why it is called the Dome

Dawson City from the mountain

View of the Yukon River upstream

View of the Yukon River downstream

We went up a little higher for this picture.

Klondike River on the left - flowing into the Yukon

This was the highest point. The Dome.

Yukon water is tan color & the klondike is the dark brown..

Our site is bottom right, the valley is where the #4 dredge...


City cemetary needs some TLC.

Grandma's grave was a garden of Lilac's and flowers.

White fences marked the graves

You can see Dawson City from the old side of the cemetary....

Looked a little like Sturgis. Not one Harley in the group.

This was taken across the main street in town. Brown water is...

The Yukon is mightier in the end.

Downtown from the water's edge.


Best chowder ever. (So Far).

Old terminal building for the port.

One of the newer buildings

The local tavern.

Genuine working hardware store.

No hardware here!

Palace Theatre on one of the side streets.

This says it all! Life is not always what you dream of.

Post office

Couldn't get a straight picture. Built in 1901.

Old Building from 1901.

We spent 3 nights in Dawson City.

Dawson City was Yukon's first capital when the Yukon became a territory in 1898. It was a booming city during the Gold Rush years. Over the years many buildings have been restored or reconstructed since Canada declared it a historic site. You can take a walking tour and see the town in just a couple hours. The buildings are boardwalk lined. It sits at the point where the Klondike and Yukon Rivers meet.

We drove up a scenic route called Dome Road and got pictures of the city from the mountain top. It was again one of those WOW views. On the way down we took a turn on a unmarked road that took us back through town and past the town cemetery. It was a good sunny day to explore town.

We did stop in the grocery store to see if we could get some bottle water. A case of bottled water was $32.00. We weren't that thirsty! Can wait to find a real grocery store. Walmart, Safeway...where are you?

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