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Bouncy road in Georgia

Better sign

Drove right on to Tenn

Rest stop - Ca should take note

Watch out for the Federal

Johnny Reb yell

Only surviving wagon from Civil War - has been restored

Memorial - woods were there during war, maybe new trees now

Lone tree

Snodgrass Hill - bloodiest battle in Civil War

Well, we left So Carolina, drove thru Georgia to Chattanooga. Didn't stop other than for lunch. Probably missed a bunch around Atlanta but we're ready to be home. So, I'm sure we'll miss a bunch and only see a high spot that jumps up and grabs us. Georgia's roadways are about the same as the Carolinas, very pretty with nice mediums and sides of the roads look so good. Such a shame Calif can't take a lesson or two from here. Will be here in Chattanooga until Tuesday am and then will go on toward Kentucky. Originally we were going to Bowling Green but not sure if we'll go all the way there or not. LOL Guess we're really beginning to cut it short!

Today, Monday, we went to the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. It's located in Tenn and Georgia. It was declared a National Park 28 years after the end of the war. Said about 15,000 men and families were there and found/marked the area they were fighting or had the camp. Amazing that they could find the areas but guess if that was a part of your life, you wouldn't or couldn't forget the area. A very different type of fighting area. This area was mostly fought in the wooded area and not in the open fields as at Gettysburg. A very pretty area with the woods and green grass area. Saw some nice monuments that were put up by each state for their regiments, very much the same as Gettysburg but theirs was for just the South. Interesting it was here where they lost battle and the places in S Carolina had no monuments, markers indicating what had happen there. The battle here was the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, 9/19-20/1863. The Confederate casualties totaled 18,000 our of 66,000 engaged and the Federal casaulties were 16,000 out of 58,000. Over a 2 day period it must have been something. With the woods around and the mountains, said they would lose sight of their men, lines, and wonder around at times. Both the South and the North. We tied to get to Lookout Mountain this afternoon but could never get our bearings in the right way,no matter how many times we stopped and asked for directions. Finally gave up after ending up in downtown Chattanooga. Think we ended up in Georgia and Tenn several times today and not on purpose! LOL Then we were concerned if we could get back to the campground as didn't have address in the GPS or with us and it didn't come up in the listing for campgrounds in the area. They told us at the office that GPSs didn't always pick them up as its location is right on the border. The campground is located on a battlefield, not an important battle I guess but still they can brag that I guess. Have a couple of markers, think if drove a lot of backroads you could find them.

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