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Nimbin village centre

permaculture gardens

Nimbin rocks

in the candle factory

James enjoys a bit of green bowling!

lazy days at the hostel

welcome to Nimbin, peace man!

Nimbin village

other side of the street!

hey guys

we have decided on a change of scenary and gone inland, about 2hrs to a small village called Nimbin, and what a change it is! Its gorgeous here, everything is lush and green and there are forests and green fields everywhere. We could be in England, except its warmer!

Nimbin is famed for its hippie status. In 1973 the village was run down and nearly empty but then the Australian students union decided to hold the Aquarius festival here, celebrating new age culture and alternative lifestyles and everything changed!

People who wanted to put alternative living into practice found they could buy land here very cheeply because the village was in such a bad way and so up sprung communes in the hills around Nimbin.

Today Nimbin is home to around 700 people in the village and over 7000 people in the suurounding hills who remain in communes and communities. Alot are totally self suffiecent and even generate their own green power and have their own water systems. Its prety cool and very successful.

The village itself is like being in a time warp, like a 70's throwback! Everything is painted with rainbows or flowers and is brightly coloured, with the messages of peace, love and understanding everywhere, its great!

So different from the beach towns, the pace of life is really slow and everyone is so friendly, they all want to stop and chat. So we are gonna chill here for a few days, relax and read down by the creek and all that!

The shuttle that brought us over offered a free tour of the sights Nimbin village has to offer, so being free we jumped at the chance. It took us round a permaculture garden which was very pretty. For those that dont know, (and we didn't) permaculture is about gardening but only using nature, no artifical fertilizers or pesticides etc, just planting things next to each other that will be beneficial. So one plant takes the nutrients out and others put them back in, stuff like that!

We also went round a candle factory, which is pretty famous over here and supplys most of Oz and New Zealand and finally we went to Nimbin rocks. There are part of the aborigonal heritage around here, where they went to commune with their spirit gods. Its also an aborigional burial site so we counldn't get too close but the pics were good!

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