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Camp Hunter, Moorestown, NJ

New Jersey Color

After a cool visit to OCC, we headed on down to Jersey. The Jersey Turnpike is no fun in a 40 foot RV towing a Jeep! As much as the tolls cost you'd think the ride would be a whole lot smoother. They need to post a disclaimer regarding RV travel..."Remain seated and buckled at all times!" I'm still nursing my bruises from just trying to get back to the bathroom. It helps if you get on it going the right way too. We corrected ourselves before making it all the way to the George Washington Bridge.....Thank goodness! We made it to Moorestown.....a little frazzled but in one piece.

We were given a warm welcome from our host, Jeff. His wife, Shannan arrived soon after and we all got acquainted. My Grandma and Shannan's Grandma are sisters. That makes us cousins of some sort. We visited Shannan's Mom, Pat, back in Kearney, Nebraska along with Shannan's brothers and their families. Pat had already given Shannan great reviews about our visit with her and for some strange reason, she still invited us to New Jersey....just kiddin'! Jeff is a local to Philly and is a great resource for us to check out the sights and history there. It's just a short drive from their house and we've found him to be most entertaining too!

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