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The Aqueduct commissioned in the 16th century

Town gate with tiled oratury

Main square

The busy main street


Looking down

On the wall!















Our Lord Jesus of the Stone Sanctury

Model of the surrounding countryside

Although the weather wasn’t as nice as the day before we headed out to the historic old town of Obidos. The town is known as “The Wedding City” as it was the traditional bridal gift of the kings of Portugal to their queens and was started in 1282. The town sits on a high hill and is surrounded by impressive high town walls.

We were surprised to find so many tour buses and cars in the car park. Some were actual tourist others were locals visiting a Christmas event in the town.

We started our exploration just across the road admiring the original aqueduct which used to take water to the town. We then walked through the Porta da Vila with an interesting tiled oratory. The town had a main narrow cobbled street which of course was the focus of the pedestrian traffic and the usual tourist shops. There were many cobbled side alleys twisting through the whitewashed houses and at the far end of the town the castle now a hotel.

To get a perspective of the town we decided to walk the town walls. Climbing the steps to the wall walkway was an interesting experience in itself. Then walking the walkway was a little hair-raising as there was no hand rail and some deep drops at times. Daisy just took it in her stride stopping to look down on the town and where she could over the wall to the surrounding countryside. It was an interesting walk!

We had enjoyed exploring the old town and our final stop on leaving the town was a huge but rather dilapidated old Baroque church just in the valley below the town. The church was no longer in use but had a model of the countryside around the town.

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