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Today's adventure.

First we had to get past the sentry!

Then across the 30' deep ditch between the outer wall and the...


The ships mast was used to raise flags which were a means...

Large yard inside the Citadel.

Cavalier Building


There were always soldiers marching ...

or playing the pipes ...

or demonstrating their guns ...

or perforning drills with the guns.

Our tour guide.

Example of the barracks where the soldiers slept, ate, and relaxed.

Each soldier was issued this kit - no personal items allowed.

Some views from the Citadel walls.


The old clock tower is at the foot of the Citadel.

Clock Tower

Some photos taken during our walk around the harbor area.

We walked all the way down to the waterfront and then all...

Very large and beautiful weather vane atop one of the buildings.

Many very old buildings and some new ones also.

Some large murals.

These guys were very good and worked very hard.

The guys on the right and left were former Waterford Crystal employees.

This guy does some of the finish work on the object as...

Here he's blowing into the tube as he rotates it and shapes...

Several sailing ships that will take passengers on a cruise in the...



(Ron Writing) We located a Chevy dealer in the old harbor area of Halifax and stopped there this morning to get the oil changed in the truck. Luckily they weren’t too busy and did it right away.

From there we went to tour one of the AAA rated gems, the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada. This large star shaped fortress sets on Citadel Hill, a very high and strategic location overlooking Halifax Harbour. Since Halifax was founded in 1749 there have been four fortresses on this site. This latest one was built in the early 1800’s. It was finished in 1856 after 28 years of construction. The construction of this huge fortress was motivated by the war of 1812 when this British outpost feared attack by the Americans.

All of the stone structures are original and there are a few of the original canons. Most of the wood has been replaced as part of the restoration. There were “soldiers” in costume representing the 78th Highlanders which served here in the 1870’s. They did a fine job of showing us around and explaining all about a soldier's life in that period. They also marched, fired-off muskets, played bagpipes, and went about other duties.

After our tour we walked down to the harbor to see the waterfront area. Did you know that there are more bars per capita in Halifax than any other city in the world? We didn’t see the inside of any of them but we did watch some men blowing glass to make crystal vases and just enjoyed the sights, sounds and beautiful weather.

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