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(Ron Writing) Hurricane Bill was not as bad as first predicted so, thankfully we had a rather relaxing day here in New Glasgow. It rained most of the day and very heavy at times. It was windy most of the time with some periods of very gusty winds which, according to the internet, were up to 50 mph. We kept our rig faced into the wind so it was not a problem. After all we have 60 to 70 mph winds routinely as we drive down the highway.

We did have a plan in case things got real nasty. There is a long narrow area where we could have parked behind the Wal*Mart store. It has a very high rock wall to the north and the store to the south. I think this would have protected us quite nicely. Luckily we didn’t have to try it out.

Nice weather is forecast again for tomorrow!

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