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Jamestown ND to Aitkin, MN


Corn Corn Corn

Crossing a Lake

Saw a few of these wind generators

Ethanol Plant

Looked it up, here it is

Here is another kind billboard

Welcome to Minnesota

Showing off their green

Land of 1,000 Lakes

More corn

Minnesota lakes

Prairie Potholes or Lakes

More Silos and Storage

Snow Mobile Crossing

. . . and more vehicles

Mississippi River

A different shaped water tower

Summer wildflowers

Welcome to Ironton est 1917

Crosby MN early 1900's

Small produce stands around town

Welcome to Deerwood, MN

Aitkin, MN

I love these old brick buildings

Old town

Some interesting homes

The Might Mississippi River

The Mississippi at our campground

How many states have the Mississippi as their border?

Larry telling Denny an animated story at their place

Cheryl, Daisy and Kaye sitting around the fire pit after dinner

Grandson Jake with Denny & Larry by the fire

Time to add another state to our map, as we head into Minnesota. We are going to be visiting our friends Kaye and Denny who we met in 2006 camped in Arizona. We had a great time hiking the red rock trails together, and kept in touch with them. We have seen them several times since, as they are Snow Birds that settled in at Yuma Foothills for the winters. We always try to see them when we are in the Yuma area, and sometimes run across them in Quartzsite, AZ.

We found our campground which was a City Park in Aitkin, MN with hook ups, not far from our friends. The campground is along the Mississippi River now. The name Mississippi comes from the Anishinaabe people who called the river 'Misi-ziibi' which means 'great river'. It is 2,340 miles long and it's source is Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota. It takes 90 days for a drop of water to travel the entire length of the Mississippi River. From its source in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River drops 1,475 feet. How many states have the Mississippi River as their border?

Northern MN is full of small lakes, as they are noted as the "Land of 1,000 Lakes". In the summer, Kaye & Denny live in a lovely Park Model home and they own a double lot that is beautifully landscaped in this forested park. They drove us around their resort - "Robin Hood Sherwood Forest" – which is broken up into different “Cities” separated by sections of forest. We all hopped in their golf cart to take a tour. Their grandson Jake was staying over and working on their farm house which we will see later, and we all sat around a campfire chatting in the evening after dinner before the rain came.

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