it's off to Central America travel blog

heading to central


on local bus







lots of stands




Cathedral Metropolitana

Palacio Nacional


inside Palacio Nacional







a group of school kids









Iglesia l Rosario not nice loooking on the outside

but inside nice

stained glass windows







big load no shaking the cart lol



Metrocenter in Santa Ana

check ot the names lol

line for the atm


beers of El Salvador

Worked on travel blog this morning up to date again, lol, had a very nice breakfast at the hotel, then off to city central, walking part of the way then getting a city bus the rest of the way, very busy with lots of sidewalk booths is sometime very hard to get into the main stores. Walked around the area got some snacks then back on a local bus to the main bus station (costs 25 cents) walked to my hotel got my bags then back to the main station and on a bus with ac to head to Santa Ana got there just as the bus was ready to leave, there is no standing on this bus, every one gets a seat, ( but is a lot more expense a whole 1.35) about a 1 1/2 hour trip then a taxi to hotel got checked into my room and then to the Metro center big mall got some supply as I have a early bus back to Guatemala City tomorrow morning need to be at bus stop at 6:30am picking up the Tica Bus back across the border. Much easier then trying to do local bus which stops at the border then have to get a different one the other side. While at the malls got a slice of pizza from none other Pizza Hut and a frosty from Wendy's, lol got a couple beers to take back to my room worked on travel blog and ready for bed, not doing much in Santa Ana it s just a stop over.

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