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Today I ended up leaving Panama City very early in the morning (at about 5am) in order to give myself enough time to get to Panama City airport. I ended up travelling on Delta airlines and it was a relatively painless flight. My first flight was from Panama City to Atlanta and I must say that the next time I have to go through customs I am going to give myself more than two hours as I didn't really have much time to get a bite to eat as going through customs and finding my gate took the bulk of my time. After going through customs, I actually had to get on a train to go from Gate E to Gate A. There are train stations for each gate as this airport is really just that big. It was a pretty efficient system but as time was running out for me to get to my gate on time I was certainly under a bit of pressure to move quickly. My second flight was from Atlanta to San Diego and I must say that I was quite happy to get here. The weather is generally perfect as most days it sits between low and high 20's with sunny clear skies.

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