We paddled out into fabulous Tomales Bay under beautiful sunny skies.The deep blue water contrasted sharply with the distant westward cliffs separating the Bay from the Pacific. Directly across from where we stood lay the hills of Tomales Point State Park. We will hike there tomorrow. It was a perfect day as the waters were calm and but a slight breeze kept us cool. We left from Miller's Landing at Nick's Cove and headed across the Bay towards Hog Island. Our launch was exciting as a lot of green seaweed and muck had to be traversed to launch our kayaks. A large stinray lay stranded but alive perilously close to our launch site. The low tide had left him sandlocked. We disembarked at Hog Island in the middle of Tomales Bay. We delighted in the rich marine, plant and bird life. At the shoreline area were 100's of crabs hiding under the rocks and any nook and cranny they could find. Sea anemones were evident. The bay is rich in sea grasses near the shoreline and great habitat for fish and other marine creatures. We spotted a couple of seals. Great white sharks have occasionally been spotted in the Bay as well as Gray Whales. So we were primed for any surprises. Hog Island was also rich in wildflowers and birds. A flock of great white pelicans sat sunning themselves on a sandbar. We then paddled to the shores of Tomales Point hiking area and landed on a beautiful sandy beach. We lay there in the sun for almost 40 minutes snd gazed upon the mesmerizing view. The land mass above the beach is mostly rolling grassy hills rich in wildflowers and shrubs. There are occasional groves of trees. Interesting rock formations and coves line the shore and offer large and small sandy beaches- like the one we were upon- ripe for exploring. We then paddled ourselves back across the bay to where we had started. We had a fabulous lunch at Nick's Cove Restaurant. It is a quaint old wooden shack and serves fabulous food overlooking the bay we had just kayaked.We had broiled fresh halibut and an excellent grilled romaine salad. Our stomaches stuffed,we drove home over a tortuously winding road through the hills which were breathtakingly beautiful. Rustic rural farmlands and cattle and sheep. I had a bad camera day as my memory card was full and I could not retrieve my photos today. I will supply them at a later date.

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