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Oldest bridge in Europe built in 1330

The roof of the bridge


Swans with there ugly ducklings

Swiss chocolate yumm



Shrinking glaciers


Where the glacier rubbed down the rock

Glacier holes made from water falling through the cracks above


Fossil of a palm leaf

Mirror labranth

Funny mirror


The town


Luzerne is a town in Northern Switzerland that I knew nothing about. They are famous for there chocolate and they have the oldest bridge in Europe. The hostel that the Busabout dropped us off at was to expensive so I had booked another one. I had to walk quite a bit to then catch a bus to where it was. After a few minutes wondering around due to bad directions I finally found it. Thank goodness I read the reviews first because someone commented that the hostel sign is in Korean. The hostel was run by Koreans and had nothing but Asians staying there. The problem with this is that Asians keep to themselves and don't talk to anyone outside there group so you can feel pretty isolated. They told me the breakfast was fried rice with an egg. I thought to myself, hmm this is odd, I'm in Switzerland, surrounded Asians and eating fried rice for breakfast. Something just didn't seem right. Then when I got up for breakfast the next morning I took back my bad feelings about it because it was really good. I guess the saying don't knock it until you try it is so true.

There wasn't much to do in this town but I did visit the glacier museum which was very fascinating. They told you how they all started and how they are now shrinking. Oh and guess what? Switzerland millions of years ago use to be a tropical climate with hot temperatures and palm trees. They know this because they found a fossil of a palm leaf along with other evidence. It tells you how the glaciers were made and also went into evolution. There was a fun part with a maze of mirrors, you could easily walk right into a mirror in there. Then on the outside of the maze they had the funny mirrors that disport your body, they were fun as well.

Other then the museum I walked around the shops and sat around the lake and watched the swans swim by. I also bought myself a Swiss Army Knife for a souvenirs. Next stop, Munich!

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