Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Rancey-Baby Reunion Drinks

She-Wee?!? How Drunk???

Our Hospitable Host - Glen

Nat @ Magnetic Island

Love On The Beach

Glen's Camo Bar

Keith @ Maggie Island Eating Sunscreen?!?

Naughty Girls

In The Bush - Should We Really Be Here?

Bush Swampland

Magnetic Island Bar

Maggie Island Bus

Drunken Monkeys

Maggie Island By Night

Peaceful Ferry

Claire & Rancey On The Night Ferry

Back @ The Camo Bar with Glen

The New Barman Was Slightly Odd

Oops...Sorry Nat, I Slipped he he

Soggy Rancey

Big Croc

Psycho Mutant Ninja Turtle

Give Us A Kiss Skippy!

Croc Attack

Big Croc#2

Claire Feeding Big Bird (Cassowary)

Turtle Family :-)

Claire Wrestling A Croc!!!

Rancey Wrestling A Croc!!!

Keith Wrestling A Croc!!!

Claire & Skippy

Anyone For Monkey Nuts???

Hungry Croc

Here's One For You Rinna!!!

After months of speaking to Nat to see if we could meet up, we finally agreed to meet in Townsville. Nat managed to get a lift from a friend of a friend of her cousins from Brisbane to Townsville yay!!!!

So after our 5 hour drive, we thought we'd be meeting Nat, picking her up and off we'd go. Not so..... somehow Nat manages to get people into all strange situations..... so we find ourselves staying at Glen's house (the guy who gave her a lift) for the weekend! He bought us Pizza, cooked us steak, gave us free cocktails in his 'Camo bar'and let us use his pool!

He even gave me and Nat a 'She-Wee'. This funky litle thing lets you wee in it standing more crouching! It does take a bit of practice though not to wee on yourself and Claire finds she gets 'Stagefright' quite often!

Keith found it weird standing next to his girlfriend, having a chat and weeing at the same time!

We went to Maggie (Magnetic) Island for a day trip too. The beaches were lovely but Claire and Nat wouldn't go in due to the stingers. So we sat in a bar for the afternoon drinking jugs of beer and getting rather pissed.

We left Townsville and thanked Glen for his hospitality. Off we went to 'Billabong'. A really cool zoo with more crocs and other Aussie creaures.

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